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Froggys Fog

  • Froggys Fog Specials for Midwest Haunters Convention

    PreOrders for Pickup at Midwest Haunters Convention!!!

    Dont miss out on Show Special Pricing, Free Shipping and Delivery of your order to the Midwest Haunters Convention. We always run out of product at the shows so make sure to Order Now and we Guarantee to bring you everything to the show so you can pick it up there.

    The Coupon Code to use at is PREMHC. Make sure to click on the View Cart Button in the Top Right Hand Portion of the Website to enter the code. You enter it directly above the Subtotal.

    Show Specials are 20% Off Fog, Haze and Snow Fluids, an amazing 20% OFF our BRAND NEW Fog Scents, and SCENT DISTRIBUTION BOXES / SCENT CUPS and 10% Off every machine we sell.

    Call us if you have any problems ordering.  Deadline for PreShow Orders = 06/01/2010

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  • Keep It Cold

    fog_chiller_intakeEveryone has seen or been in the midst of a fog machine, but many people don’t know how they work. Fog machines combine boiling water with some form of cooling agent to create steam, which the machine then emits. There are several types of fog machines, but if you want low-hanging fog, you’ll need to use a fog chiller.

    Chilling the fog prevents it from rising and ensures that it lingers low to the ground. Old style machines had to use dry ice or liquid nitrogen to create this effect, but now there are models that run on simple ice cubes. These new innovations have made fog machines safer and more user-friendly.

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  • Last-Minute Party Plans

    fog-halloweenIn previous weeks we’ve discussed the spooky ambience that a fog machine can lend to your Halloween festivities. It’s always a good idea to keep your guests on edge with some low-lying fog and a soundtrack that’s suitable for the season. But we neglected to mention one of the most popular visual effects that can take your Halloween party to the next level.

    Think about the way witches’ cauldrons are depicted on TV and in the movies. They’re always bubbling with slightly menacing liquids, and there’s a disturbing green fog emanating from within. Why not replicate this eerie effect for your own devilish ends? You can use fog Halloween trickery to turn your punchbowl into an authentic witches’ brew. The contents might not be lethal, but they should certainly be potent.

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  • Halloween Decorations the Whole Neighborhood Can Enjoy

    halloween-fogWith October just around the corner, it’s time to start planning what decorations you’ll use to make your house festively inviting for trick-or-treaters. Scarecrows have always been a popular addition to any front porch. You can even add your personal touch to the stuffed man of straw by replacing his head with a homemade, hand-carved jack-o-lantern. His face will light up, as if he’s alive, with every flicker of the candle set inside.

    Spray-painted, Styrofoam gravestones are another super spooky and ever-so-popular decoration. Be sure to grab a few of them and maybe a severed human arm, which you can display reaching out from one of the graves. And for those who want constant and live mood creators, there’s nothing like Halloween fog. All you need is a tiny fog machine to produce layers upon layers of billowy fog. Get started today!

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  • Planning a Spooky Halloween

    haloweenWhen planning a spooky Halloween party or haunted house it’s extremely important to create and maintain a nail-biting, scream-worthy atmosphere. First you’ll need a bunch of cobwebs to cover the railings and light fixtures, and if you throw in a few plastic spiders you’ll achieve that extra cringe factor from your guests. Next, you should cover every inch of wall space with black trash bags to drown out the light. To keep your space from becoming completely pitch-black, you can add a few black lights in the corners.

    If you want some extra tips to make your event even spookier, read on. You can purchase fake, human body parts at most Halloween stores. And for that extra gory kick, get a tube of fake blood to smear on your kidneys, eyeballs and feet. The final mystery ingredient is a fog machine. Make sure you stock up on plenty of fog machine fluid, because if you want your fog to last all night long, it will need to run continuously.

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