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Fog Machines

  • Setting the Part Mood

    partyThere is something about fog that creates the perfect atmosphere for a party, particularly in the fall season. Party fog helps create an eerie ambiance for a Halloween bash or a haunted house. There are multiple options to choose from when implementing fog at your party.

    The most traditional option for fog is dry ice, which is a solid form of carbon dioxide. Although this method works, it can be dangerous and takes a lot of effort. A more practical option is fog machine. This will ensure that you have fog throughout your party, and gives you more control is choosing where to disperse it.

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  • Foggy Filmmaking

    foghorrorMy parents aren’t always supportive of my decision to study film at college. They tend to voice the same old tired objections: How will you get a job out of school? Why do you need to pay for course credit just to watch movies? Wouldn’t you prefer to go to medical school? The fact is, I enjoy making movies more than anything else in life. And anyway, I cover all of my own expenses with a day job at a restaurant.

    The latest project I’ve been working on is a horror movie that requires a number of special effects. It goes without saying that I’m on a shoestring budget, but I still needed to establish a spooky atmosphere. Several of the scenes take place in a dark churchyard afterhours, so I used a smoke machine to create fog effects. The script could probably use a bit of work, but the shots I have so far are perfect.

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  • Heroes in Training

    smoke-ballMost people recognize smoke machines for the atmosphere they lend to stage performances and Hollywood movies. Although fog generators come in handy for entertainment purposes, they can also help save lives. Emergency rescue workers implement highly realistic fog into their training exercises. By practicing in a safe environment, firefighters and paramedics prepare themselves for the real thing.

    Training smoke is designed to be emitted by a professional-quality smoke machine. Emergency workers can select between oil- and water-based smoke depending on the intensity and duration desired. This realistic smoke allows officials to perform their jobs with increased assurance and effectiveness.

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  • Get the Party Started


    DJs wouldn’t arrive at a party without their music collection, and it would be just as silly to show up withouta a fog machine. Dancers know it’s time to do their thing once the smoke billows out onto the floor and the lights are turned down low. Without that crucial cue, a DJ could end up with a lot of lackadaisical wallflowers on his hands.

    By maintaining a steady supply of DJ fog, mix masters of any skill level can at least be assured that the party doesn’t go up in smoke. When it comes down to it, DJs should be able to focus their attention on the night’s track list. A fog machine will take care of the ambience, and a solid selection of tunes should do the rest.

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  • A History of Fog Machine Usage

    fogmachineIn various Hollywood movies, live theater productions, and even music videos, fog machines are a staple for creating a particular hazy, alluring, or chilling atmosphere. To that end, a fog machine is capable of emitting a vapor that looks similar to fog or perhaps even smoke. Depending on the type of machine, they can be fueled by water and glycol or dry ice. It simply depends on the desired effect from the use of the machine.

    While fog machines used to be used exclusively by professionals, they have been greatly reduced in price since the mid 2000s. This means the use of fog machines in the private sector has been greatly increased. As such, they are common now in residential haunted houses or other various Halloween displays. On the professional front, firefighters also use fog machines to train. A fog machine, after all, accurately simulates the poor visibility that will be confronted in some burning buildings.

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