Smoke Generators

  • Fire Training - FDIC 2014

    We had a great time this year at FDIC 2014! For training simulations there's no better fog than Froggy's! This year marked our first year of having two booths onsite.

    2014-04-10 12.09.13      2014-04-10 12.10.01

    One visually stunning inside booth amongst all the great displays at Lucas Oil stadium and  one outside booth that took advantage of the great weather and gave us plenty of room to exhibit some of our high output machines. The FireBase line was a real crowd-pleaser that garnered loads of enthusiastic questions which we were happy to appease. Far and away the "Tower of Power" was the highlight of the outdoor booth with close to 500,000 CFM Output!  The booths downwind never even had a chance (At least it wasn't haunt scented!)

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  • Getting Through the Fog

    generatoerFog and smoke is great for creating an eerie effect and setting the perfect mood for movies or parties. While the purpose of a smoke generator is, obviously, to produce smoke, this can have some adverse consequences, particularly when it comes to smoke detectors. Having too much smoke in an area for too long can create a problem if you are trying to film subsequent scenes in the same location as well.

    While this may seem like a unsolvable quandary, there is hope. The obvious solution to this problem is to use Fast Fog or smoke, which will quickly dissipate. This will ensure that there are no problems with detection equipment and that you can get on with your business when you are done with the fog.

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  • Fog Machines for Fire Fighter Training


    In order to simulate the effects of real smoke, artificial fog is often used in fire fighter training. This fog is produced from
    moke generators which are often placed throughout dummy homes where the fire fighters practice. The fog machines produce fog in various quantities, and the fire fighters must treat it like real smoke and use their skills to avoid it. While now and then firefighters will purchase a real dilapidated house and set it on fire to test out rookie fire fighters, most of the time dummy homes are used. There are certain kinds of fog juice that will simulate smoke better than others; because smoke rises, it’s important for the fire fighters to remain low to the ground to avoid the fog.

    Fire fighter training is essential for rookie fire fighters because when there is a real fire, having the experience to deal with it and remain calm will help save lives, both their own and people who might need to be rescued.

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