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  • Planning a Spooky Halloween

    haloweenWhen planning a spooky Halloween party or haunted house it’s extremely important to create and maintain a nail-biting, scream-worthy atmosphere. First you’ll need a bunch of cobwebs to cover the railings and light fixtures, and if you throw in a few plastic spiders you’ll achieve that extra cringe factor from your guests. Next, you should cover every inch of wall space with black trash bags to drown out the light. To keep your space from becoming completely pitch-black, you can add a few black lights in the corners.

    If you want some extra tips to make your event even spookier, read on. You can purchase fake, human body parts at most Halloween stores. And for that extra gory kick, get a tube of fake blood to smear on your kidneys, eyeballs and feet. The final mystery ingredient is a fog machine. Make sure you stock up on plenty of fog machine fluid, because if you want your fog to last all night long, it will need to run continuously.

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