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  • Haunted House Creation


    When I opened my own haunted house for the first time this last Halloween, I admittedly had no idea what I was in store for. I have an abandoned barn on the back of my property, and I thought that it would be fun for the local kids to have some extra amusement during the holiday. After getting all of the proper licenses and permits, I set to work renovating the barn.

    Originally my plan was to set up all of the decorations and create the entire thing myself, which I soon realized would be impossible. I ended up hiring a few of the local high schoolers, and it took us two months of solid work to have the place up and running in time for the 31st. We pulled out all of the stops—from hiring people to dress up in full makeup to purchasing a low lying fog machine. Despite the extensive work, it was worth it when a good portion of the town ended up coming out during the three week span we were open.

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  • Halloween Decorations the Whole Neighborhood Can Enjoy

    halloween-fogWith October just around the corner, it’s time to start planning what decorations you’ll use to make your house festively inviting for trick-or-treaters. Scarecrows have always been a popular addition to any front porch. You can even add your personal touch to the stuffed man of straw by replacing his head with a homemade, hand-carved jack-o-lantern. His face will light up, as if he’s alive, with every flicker of the candle set inside.

    Spray-painted, Styrofoam gravestones are another super spooky and ever-so-popular decoration. Be sure to grab a few of them and maybe a severed human arm, which you can display reaching out from one of the graves. And for those who want constant and live mood creators, there’s nothing like Halloween fog. All you need is a tiny fog machine to produce layers upon layers of billowy fog. Get started today!

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  • Planning a Spooky Halloween

    haloweenWhen planning a spooky Halloween party or haunted house it’s extremely important to create and maintain a nail-biting, scream-worthy atmosphere. First you’ll need a bunch of cobwebs to cover the railings and light fixtures, and if you throw in a few plastic spiders you’ll achieve that extra cringe factor from your guests. Next, you should cover every inch of wall space with black trash bags to drown out the light. To keep your space from becoming completely pitch-black, you can add a few black lights in the corners.

    If you want some extra tips to make your event even spookier, read on. You can purchase fake, human body parts at most Halloween stores. And for that extra gory kick, get a tube of fake blood to smear on your kidneys, eyeballs and feet. The final mystery ingredient is a fog machine. Make sure you stock up on plenty of fog machine fluid, because if you want your fog to last all night long, it will need to run continuously.

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  • The Ground-Hugging Effect


    It’s a law of nature that hot air rises, which is why low-hanging fog can be such a difficult effect to pull off during theatrical productions. Still, certain shows call for a dreamy, fantastical atmosphere that is best portrayed with the presence of fog. There’s nothing worse than all-encompassing fog that obscures the performers’ faces, however. It becomes necessary to strike the perfect balance.

    At first, many directors and stage hands turned to dry ice “pea souper” machines, which disperse ground-hugging carbon dioxide gas. Although suitable for creating the desired effect, these machines are exceedingly difficult to use and maintain. Fog machines with built-in coolers are specially equipped to create low lying fog. These machines run on fog juice rather than dry ice, and they are many times easier to handle.

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