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  • Holiday Fog Party

    fog partyWhen you are planning a party, it is vital to make preparations well in advance and include a variety of entertainment and special features. We’ve all had to endure those parties that simply have a table of stale hors d'oeuvres and old music from the 80’s blaring. As I was planning my latest Christmas party, I wanted to be sure that my guests would remember it, and for the right reasons.

    In my experience, one surefire method to creating a great party is instituting a theme. While I was conjuring up my vision of the party, I new that I wanted to have a unique ambiance. I outfitted my home with somewhat traditional holiday decorations, but I decided to add a fog machine and transform it into a holiday fog party. Although I am slightly biased, I think that the party was a hit.

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  • Manmade Phenomena

    fogAs I was driving to work today, a thick layer of fog suddenly descended upon me. After a few minutes of fighting to gain visibility, the fog suddenly lifted and revealed a majestic sun rise with shades of orange, pink and lavender. While I pondered the miraculous nature of Mother Nature, I realized that humans have been ingenious enough to recreate many of these amazing phenomena.

    Creating any sort of weather used to be a thing of science fiction, but today it is a reality. Making fog for stage shows and home parties is commonplace and simple for anyone with a basic machine. With the help of crystals and other reflective elements, we can even recreate the stunning colors of the rainbow.

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  • Foggy Filmmaking

    foghorrorMy parents aren’t always supportive of my decision to study film at college. They tend to voice the same old tired objections: How will you get a job out of school? Why do you need to pay for course credit just to watch movies? Wouldn’t you prefer to go to medical school? The fact is, I enjoy making movies more than anything else in life. And anyway, I cover all of my own expenses with a day job at a restaurant.

    The latest project I’ve been working on is a horror movie that requires a number of special effects. It goes without saying that I’m on a shoestring budget, but I still needed to establish a spooky atmosphere. Several of the scenes take place in a dark churchyard afterhours, so I used a smoke machine to create fog effects. The script could probably use a bit of work, but the shots I have so far are perfect.

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