250 Gallon Tote - Froggys Simply Sanitizer™ - Hand Rub Formulation

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Froggy's Simply Sanitizer Liquid Is a very high quality hand sanitizer made in a FDA registered facility. All ingredients are of the highest quality and the ethanol is tested for all impurities before it is approved to be offloaded into our tanks. Froggy's Simply Sanitizer has a refreshing citrus scent and includes nourishing ingredients to keep your hands free from germs and feeling great.

  • Complies with WHO guidelines for hand sanitizer.
  • Liquid Consistency Coats Hands Evenly
  • 80%+ SDA-40b Alcohol Formula
  • Glycerin added as a moisturizer
  • FDA listed Product (NDC: 75682-376-01)


Simply Sanitizer Liquid

Simply Sanitizer adheres to the WHO guidelines for formulation 1 reagents. Our hand sanitizer uses an ethanol (SDA-40b) 80% v/v formula. Glycerin is added as a mild moisturizer.

Froggy's Fog has become a leading supplier of hand sanitizer to meet the increasing demands throughout the US.

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WHO recommended

Simply SanitizerTM is a WHO recommended formulation for Hand Sanitizers that lives up to the same quality and standards of Froggy’s world class effects fluids.  Made with the Purest Pharmaceutical Grade Chemicals available.  The Simply SanitizerTM Hand Sanitizer  is manufactured in the US and is available from 1 gallon to 250 Gallon Totes.  

Why 80% Alcohol?

The WHO Recommended Formulation for Local Production outlines what guidelines manufacturers must follow in order to state that they meet WHO recommended levels.  You can find more information about it HERE.  This formulation requires at least 80% SDA-40b alcohol to be strong enough to be distributed.  Froggy's Simply Sanitizer meets this exact guidance. 


  • Our facility is registered with the FDA.

  • We acquired an NDC (National Drug Code) Labeler Code Number.

  • We have NDC Labeler Product Codes registered with the FDA on all 3 sizes we offer.

We registered with the TTB and received an SDS permit which means we can purchase the highest grade SDA-40b available.


The Hand sanitizer to help reduce bacteria that potentially can cause disease. For use when soap and water are not Available.

Simply SanitizerTM is an 80% SDA-40b Alcohol based sanitizer which meets the who recommendation for local production of hand rub suitable for use on hands.


Simply Sanitizer is a watery consistency, which is in accordance with the WHO recommended formulations for hand rubs.  It is prefered to Gel since it can penetrate pores and get into cracks and under nails that gel can't reach.


spec sheet

How is the Alcohol De-Natured?

Froggy's De-natured Alcohol DOES NOT contain Methanol or any other petroleum based Products and is de-natured using only a bittering agent in accordance with federal guidance. We use SDA-40b alcohol as per FDA instruction. 

*What's with the Smell?

The hand sanitizer does have a distinctive smell.  This is due to the fact that we have to use denatured Ehtyl alcohol (SDA-40b).  Isopropyls are not readily available during this crisis. Grain alcohol has a distinctive smell that may be different from what you may be accustomed to. While we have to conform to WHO recommendations, we have heard of individuals adding their own essential oils to neautralize the odor successfully.  We along with any other manufacturer. are not permitted to distribute with any other additives, this is a FDA regulation.  

Froggy's Fog is commited to your Health and Safety that is why we are offering the highest quality fluid for the lowest price per ounce.  If you have interest in becoming a Distributor or buying in Bulk please call us at 615.469.4906 or Sales@froggysfog.com.

*Free shipping to Contiguous USA


Frequently Asked Questions

Has Froggy's Simply Sanitizer been affected by any of the FDA recalls for sanitizers containing methanol?

Nope! The FDA has published a compreshensive, searchable list of all products that have been found to contain unacceptable levels of methanol. Because we thoroughly vet all of our sources and select only the best providers in the USA, we hope to never be on a list like that. Froggy's Fog has always been the brand you could trust to be safe, and we're making sure that's always the case. 

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What is the difference between Froggy's Simply Sanitizer Liquid and Froggy's Simply Sanitizer Gel?

Both formulas of Froggy's Simply Sanitizer include the same important active and inactive ingredients. Both of these formulas contain 80% alcohol to sanitize, glycerin to keep the hands nourished, and hydrogen peroxide as a mild antiseptic. The only difference between these formulas is that the gel contains a unique FDA approved thickening agent to make the solution thicker while still maintaining the proper alcohol level. 

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What does Froggy's Simply Sanitizer Smell Like?

Simply Sanitizer has a light and pleasant citrus aroma with notes of lemon and grapefruit. When first applied, there will be a strong alcohol smell due to the 80% volume of alcohol in the mixture, but this will fade rapidly and leave you only with a fresh, citrus scent. 

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When will my order ship?

All orders will ship within 48 hours, and usually will ship even faster at less than 24 hours.  

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Is this product registered with the FDA?

When it comes to products like hand sanitizer, we realize how important it is to be able to trust what you're using. We wanted to make sure to "go the extra mile" when we began producing hand sanitizer so you could be sure that it will work for you and your family. We have registered all of our products with the FDA and have also registered the facility in which they are manufactured. This guarantees to the customer that we will always only use ingredients that are in accordance with FDA guidelines. 

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What is the best way to dispense Simply Sanitizer liquid Formula?

We reccomend adding one of our 2mL spray pumps directly to the bottle! These pumps spray the perfect amount directly onto your hands and help prevent waste. You can also remove the spray nozzle tip on the pump to conveniently refill travel size spray bottles to take on the go! 

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