Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group is the world’s largest Halloween themed entertainment company. With over 15 locations and counting. They bring a premier haunted house experience to markets all across the country.

    We Caught up with Warren Conard, Director of Operations for 13th Floor Entertainment Group and asked him about why they have chosen to use Froggy's Fog for- get this- 13 years now.

    How long have you been using Froggy's Fog Products?

    13 years... since 2006, We use Froggy's at 13th Floor Haunted House locations as well as House of Torment, Nashville Nightmare, New Orleans Nightmare, Terror on the Fox, Fear Farm and the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride, to name a few.

    I believe we were one of the first Froggy's customers back in 2006 when we met them at a trade show. They gave me a gallon of their fluid to try out and have always listened to our needs as our company has grown and welcomed feedback on all of their products. They continually strive to support industry functions and work hard to grow their business.

    "Froggy's Fog has been a great partner to work with for several years. Confidence in their products and services has helped us focus on the continued growth of our business."

    What Sold you on Froggy's Fog Products?

    For us, we like the fact that Froggy's has put so much into research and testing and stand behind their products. It's nice to not have to worry about product liability when it comes to putting theatrical fog into the atmosphere at our attractions.

    We've chosen Froggy's for several reasons including quick shipping, reasonable shipping rates, continual product development, and the fact they stand behind their products.

    What Product do you use most?

    Mostly we use Backwood Bay for general long-lasting fog and Quick Blast for bursts of fog we don't want to hang around much. We have also utilized Froggy's rental services by renting snow machines for other seasonal events.

    The long-lasting fog is dense and exactly what we need at the right price.

    What has exceeded your expectations since working with Froggy's Fog?

    The responsiveness the Froggy's staff, mostly. Their sales, service and shipping has been very quick and they always take care of any issues that have come up.

    What would you tell someone who's considering our business?

    Froggy's is easy to do business with and always available to answer questions. They are continually learning and developing new products for the Entertainment Industry and have always gone out of their way for us.


    Be Sure to Follow Thirteenth floor and Visit a House Closest to you!  Tell them "Froggy's Fog Sent you!"  That won't get you anything, but It's our way of thanking them!

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  • Great Halloween Effects for every Budget

    Halloween is one of our favorite times of year!  We think one of the coolest parts is spookifying up our yards, parties or even building a haunted house.  One of the go to products is the good ol' Fog Machine.  We know Fog Machines.  What you may not know is we offer more than just little 400W machines you can buy at party stores.  We provide the machines and fluids used at major theme parks, haunted attractions and on film/TV.   We thought we would help you out by giving our recommendations on how to jazz up your Halloween with Special Effects!

    BOO BUDGET  ($50-$250)

    For Many People they only pull the fog machine out once a year.  It's usually a 400W machine that ranges from $30-$40 in party stores.  We are no different we make a 400W Fog machine as well!  But what we really want to emphasize is the Fluid you put in it.  Froggy's Fog is water based and can be used in any fog machine (even if it says not to)...  you can purchase a gallon of Swamp Juice, one of our most popular fluids, for $20!   Sure that might be close to what you pay in Stores, but the difference is where it is made and what it is made of!  Froggy's is Water-Based and Made in the USA!  It won't create any adverse conditions and is completely healthy to be exposed to.  Here's the Package we put together!

    $50-$100 RANGE

    • FRG- 400W Fog Machine ($39.99)
      • Any 400W Fog Machine will only produce fog for about 10-15 seconds before it needs to reheat, which can take thirty seconds to a minute.
    • 2 Gallon Swamp Juice Fog Fluid ($19.99/Gallon)
    • Water based Scent Additive 1 ounce ($11.99)
      • Water Based Scents can be added to the fog fluid to create a scent when the fog is dispersed.  We have everything from Cotton Candy to Charred Corpse!  1/2 ounce of additive treats 1 gallon of fluid!

    TOTAL ~$92

    $100-$150 RANGE

    OPTION 1

    OPTION 2

    • FRG Ground Fog Machine ($79.99)
      • Ground fog is created when fog is chilled.  This is done by adding ice to the shill chamber of the Ground fog machine.  It will not lay low without chilling.
    • 2 Gallons Freezin Fog or CryoFreeze Fog Fluid ($24.99/Gallon)
      • Freezin Fog is an outdoor formula, it lasts longer and will hang around longer.  Cryofreeze is perfect for indoor applications wince it is designed to dissipate quickly.  Please note you still need to chill the fog with a ground fog machine to get it to hang low.
    • Water based Scent Additive 1 ounce ($11.99)

    TOTAL ~$142

    $150- $300 RANGE

    TOTAL ~$287

    13th Floor Haunted House

    TERRIFYING BUDGET ($300-$500)

    Want to take a step up from the 1000W Fog Machine?  Move up to the Professional Version!  The Titan Fog Machine Line offers continuous output, a 2-year warranty, and variable output.

    TOTAL ~$470

    Haunted Overload


    Ok, So you are really love Halloween!  Your neighbors know you as "that guy" that goes all out!  We have all of your fog needs!

    The Home Haunt

    TOTAL ~$900

    The Semi Pro Haunt

    TOTAL ~$1490

    The Professional Haunt

    TOTAL ~$2700



    Want to add just a little more pizzazz?!  Check out some of the machines below!

    Fobbles Bubble Fog Machine ($119.99)

    The Fobbles Fog Bubble machine lets you create fog Filled bubbles!  These are a hit for Trick or Treating, Halloween Parties and Floats!



    Fobbles F4 4-in-1 Bubble Fog Machine ($499.99)

    The Fobbles F4 is the only machine of its kind. This 4-in-1 Effects Machines creates fog-filled bubbles, as a hazer, fogger, or just a bubble machine!

    • Double Wheel Bubble Machine With 18x 6W (RGBAW-UV) Leds
    • Huge Quantity Bubbles Filled With White Fog, With Color Changing LEDs To Creat A Beautiful Magic Effects!


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