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  • Customer Spotlight: Squeek Lights

    Froggy's Fog SJ8's in Action with August Burns Red with Design by Squeek Lights (Photo by Ray Duker)
    Squeek Lights founder Victor Zieser

    For Over 8 Years, Victor Zieser has been creating amazing, emotion-driven lighting and toured with bands including Beartooth,  Animal Collective, Silverstein, August Burns Red and They Might Be Giants and created shows for many more.  Four years ago Victor discovered Faze Haze by Froggy's Fog and never looked back. We recently caught up with Victor to learn more about his recent work with Froggy's Fog products.

    How Long have you been using Froggy's Fog?

    I have been using Froggy's Fog fluids for 4 years and bought 5 SJ8's 2 years ago.

    What is the most recent project you have used Froggy's Fog Products on?

    This summer, August Burns Red toured with all of our SJ8s, Beartooth had a pair of Titan 1500 Pros on it earlier this year. And of course, every single tour we send out has a couple of gallons of Faze Haze Fluid on it!

    5 Hyperion SJ8's with August Burns Red by Squeek Lights (Photo by Ray Duker)

    We've been big fans of the SJ8! A lot of our clients want that CO2 cannon look, but can't deal with hassle of what it means to get CO2 at every venue. We found a competitors fog cannon as a substitute, but we're always frustrated with how much slower they were than CO2. When we got our hands on the SJ8, we were thrilled; we have never seen speed like that before.

    Froggy's products somehow land in the perfect trio of a good build quality, excellent performance and a fair price, which makes them hard to beat!

    What Features sold you on buying a Froggy's Machine?

    With the SJ8s there is nothing on the market that compares in terms of speed of the fog shot, and that really matters the most to us when you are trying to compare a fog product to CO2. We also really like the build quality of the Foggers. The singer of Beartooth always wanted more smoke on stage, and with the 1500s, he never had to ask for that again!

    "Beartooth always wanted more smoke on stage, and with the 1500s, he never had to ask for that again!" (Photo by Wafka)

    Why do you continue to choose Froggy's Fog over other manufacturers?

    We get great customer service with Froggy's! Often we need to order fluid quick to get to a tour, and they make it happen for us each and every time! We rarely have issues, but when we do I feel like they make getting it resolved a priority.


    Froggy's customer service is some of the best I have received in the industry.

    Would you recommend Froggy's Fog to others in the industry?

    Yeah! We love how the Faze fluid looks in the air. Water based hazers can be iffy, but the Faze Fluid looks so even!

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