BLUE UV BLACKLIGHT REACTIVE Snow Juice Machine Fluid - Froggys Flakes - Evaporative Formula

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Snow that reacts to UV light!

  • 30-50 Feet of Travel Before Evaporating

  • Perfect for Indoors, Parties and Stage

  • High Quality, High Volume, Non-Staining, Non-Toxic

  • Our Driest Flake that floats over long distances

  • Not harmful to plants, skin or eyes. Safe for kids.

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Our Price: $34.99


This snow fluid is similar to our other snow fluids, but with an exciting twist! Turn on some blacklights for an incredible ultraviolet snow experience. Made up of 100% FDA approved ingredients, this snow fluid is safe for plants, pets, and people. This ultra dry formula leaves very little residue, making cleanup easier than ever. Works flawlessly with all Froggy's Fog snow machines. 


Froggy's Fog uses exclusively FDA approved chemicals in all of our fluids. Not Harmful for plants, pets, or people. 

Long Distance 

Our lightweight flakes are great at floating in the air for long distances. Great for creating those magical snow effects!

High Output

Formulated to give you the most snow per ounce of fluid! When paired with our snow machines, you can produce blizzard-like effects! 

Multiple Applications

Our snow fluid is great for a wide range of applications. Create a beautiful winter wonderland indoors or out, set the perfect mood for a play or movie, or have an unknown substance touching customers' skin in your haunted attraction! 

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