Can you use Froggys Fog in a Fog Chiller or Low Fog Machine?

Any of the Froggys Fog Fluids can be used in a Fog Chiller, but we designed some prodcuts that work amazingly well with a Chiller. Froggys Freezin  Outdoor Fog Fluid has a chemical makeup which enhances the effects of the fog chiller and hangs around for a spooky haze effect in the air. Its longer hangtime is better suited for Graveyards and other outdoor scenes.Therefore it is the perfect solution for low-lying fog situations and best for outdoor applications such as graveyards, haunted forests, corn mazes, etc, Alternatively for indoor use, Froggys Cryo Freeze Fog Fluid is the best for theatrical applications where the low lying fog does not need to linger and needs to dissipate before reaching waist level.

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