Hi I am looking for fog machine that combines some type of swirling light.Basically I am creating a time tunnel look.The plan is to have a 4' x20' tunnel filled with fog and light.It is a small area so I wouldn't need a huge machine.Any recommendations?

For lighting and laser enhancement, you need a medium density fog like Techofog paired with modest machine. 1000 Watt fog machine or higher would be versatile. It would allow you to fill the space quickly and allow the machine to run less fequently. If you want a persisent haze in the air without waiting for the fog to thin out into the space, please consider a hazer, which is designed for that exact purpose. You won't find a machine that combines lighting like you are describing. It sounds like you are looking for a laser tunnel effect, which can be found at various retailers on the web.

Fog / Haze
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