My snow machine will blow air but does not seem to be sucking in any snow fluid. All that will come out is air.

Snow fluid, if left in a snow machine over a long period of time, can become gummy during the off season. As a general preventative measure, it always helps at the end of the season to run hot tap water through the machine for a couple of minutes to help rinse the pumps and lines. We also recommend a little 50/50 mix of Propelyne Glycol and H20 at the very end to prevent freezing issues and lubricate the seals in the pumps. We actually carry a winterizer kit that helps break down residue left by the snow fluid. To answer your question, First turn on the machine and look listen for the pump or fluid tube vibrating. If not, your pump may be broken. If you are getting vibrations but no fluid movement, you can use some compressed air or even WD-40 into the fluid tube inlet to try and unclog the pump while the unit is running. Check periodically for fluid movement by immersing the fluid tube in some hot water. If after couple of cycles you notice no fluid movement, the unit will need servicing.

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