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We are using your Houston Haze in a VHazer. The last few weeks it has been extra smelly. It's smells somewhat like crayons or burnt crayons throughout our auditorium. Do you think it is the haze or could it be the hazer itself? Would one of your scent additives help? Do you have any additives for oil based fluid?
Hi I am looking for fog machine that combines some type of swirling light.Basically I am creating a time tunnel look.The plan is to have a 4' x20' tunnel filled with fog and light.It is a small area so I wouldn't need a huge machine.Any recommendations?
Purchased laser swamp package at the 2017 Transworld show. Received product starting to set up. Is there any instructions for set up? Nothing came with it.
How much haze does this machine go through in a hour?