Neutronic Haze Fluid - Specially Formulated Haze Fluid

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Neutronic Haze Fluid is an affordable and comparable alternative haze fluid to Le Maitre Neutron and PureHaze Haze Fluids.
  • Comparable to Le Maitre Neutron and PureHaze Haze Fluids
  • Comparable performance to PureHaze when used in the Le Maitre Neutron XS Hazer, MVS, Stadium Hazer, HazeMaster and EcoHazer
  • Very High Concentration of Active Chemical to Minimize Fluid Consumption!
  • The Long Hang Time helps intensify the radiance of your lights!
  • Neutronic Haze has been independently tested by Environ and is listed on Actor's Equity and is safe to use on live stage performances.

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Our Price: $44.99


Neutronic Haze Fluid is an affordable and comparable alternative haze fluid to Le Maitre Neutron and PureHaze Haze Fluids. Neutronic Haze Fluid is uniquely formulated and we warrant its use as a comparable alternative in only the following machines: Le Maitre Neutron XS Hazer, Le Maitre MVS, Le Maitre Stadium Hazer, Le Maitre HazeMaster and Le Maitre EcoHazer. Neutronic Haze’s highly refined haze formula is practically odorless and results in less irritation of the vocal cords, throat and nasal passages. Froggy’s Neutronic Haze Fluid has been independently tested by Environ and the calibration factors approved by Actors’ Equity Association which may be found Neutronic Haze’s very high concentration of active chemical minimizes fluid consumption and increases the effective haze output! It is made from the highest quality pharmaceutical grade chemicals. The formula is also designed to have a much longer hang time than alternative water based haze and fog which results in less consumption and cost savings. The amazing results you will see from this fluid make Froggys Neutronic Haze Fluid the perfect alternative to higher priced retail hazer fluids. All Froggys Fog and Haze Fluids are made from lab-grade UV-Filtered de-ionized water. Froggys also uses the highest grade of all chemicals and USP Kosher pharmaceutical grade chemicals when available. Neutronic Haze is a Registered Trademark of Froggys Fog LLC

High Output

A great way to fill a venue with haze quickly and effectively. Designed with efficient, even dispersion in mind. 

Long lasting

A longer lasting fluid means more efficient operation and less expense for you! No need to worry about additional wear and tear on your machines. 

No-Mess Formula

Remains clean, dry, and odorless thorughout operation. After a long event, Neutronic will be the least of your cleanup concerns. 

Versatile Fluid

Designed For Use With Most Water Based Haze Machines. No need to worry about different fluid for different hazers; Neutronic will keep your machines running smoothly for your whole event. Ideal for mobile DJ's, Night Clubs, Laser Tag Arenas, and Lighting Enhancement Applications


100% American Made - Froggys Fog only uses De-Ionized Water and Pharmaceutical Grade Chemicals, all Approved by the FDA.

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What is the shelf life of your product?

We guarantee our product for one year from date of purchase. Our track record is outstanding as you can read in our feedback and testimonials. We stand behind our product and know you will love it.

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Cleaner than the manufacturer's fluid
Just got done cleaning my 10 year old Radiance hazer. We've used exclusively Froggy's fluid for the past 9 years. When the machine was new, we used LeMaitre fluid and had to clean the heat exchanger every month. Since we switched, I take the exchanger apart once a year only to discover that it's internally spotless. Great job, guys. Review by Bigdarkspot  |  3/3/2018

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