Fobbles Fog Fluid - Designed for use in the Fobbles Machine

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Fobbles Fog Fluid - Designed for use in the Fobbles Machine

  • Thick, White Fog to Make Amazing Fog Bubbles

  • Quick Dissipating to Prevent Over-Saturation of Fog

  • Allows Bubbles to Pop with a "Poof"

  • Non-Toxic, Non-Staining

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Our Price: $34.99


Fobbles Fog Fluid has been specifically formulated to provide the best results possible from your Fobbles machine. The density of this fluid allows it to create thick, white clouds within each bubble, resulting in an amazing visual display. Any fog that doesn’t make it into a bubble will dissipate quickly, meaning you don’t have to worry about covering up the entire area with excess fog. 

Perfect Density

The Fobbles Fog fluid has been designed to fill the bubbles produced by the Fobbles machine while still allowing them to float over long distances. This required a fog recipe that was not too dense, yet no so thin that the effect wasn't noticeable. This formulation will perfectly fill each bubble that it comes into contact with without breaking them or weighing them down. 

Proper Hang Times

The Fobbles Machine produces quite a bit of fog, some of which doesn't make it into a bubble. For this reason, this fluid produces a quick dissipating fog that won't totally fill your environment with haze rather than bubbles! As each bubble pops, the fog will linger in the air for just a second or two, and then will vanish. This creates an entertaining effects and will have your guests running from bubble to bubble trying to pop as many as possible!

Safe for Kids and Families

As with all other Froggy's Fluids, this fluid is made up of only the highest quality pharmaceutical grade chemicals and de-ionized, UV filtered water to ensure safe usage in all applications. 

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