Laser Swamp® - Individual Laser Module - Green

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Laser Swamp - Individual Laser Module - Green


Laser Swamp - Individual Laser Module - Green
5mw / green 532nm laser module: Diameter 18 * Body Length appox.80mm


  • 6 Month Warranty
  • 8,000 Hrs estimated Lifespan
  • Included Articulated Mounting Bracket and Power Supply (5VDC / 1000mA)
  • Class 3R

Frequently Asked Questions

Purchased laser swamp package at the 2017 Transworld show. Received product starting to set up. Is there any instructions for set up? Nothing came with it.

Our room at transworld was constructed as such:

We started with a flat black room 10'wide x16' long. The height is non critical; the demo was 10', but it could have been lower to make it easier to decorate with materials to brush people in the face. The width of the room is more important and the laser light tends to taper in strength when refracted through the haze. This varies with the amount of haze in the room but after about 7 ft the effect become faint. We mounted 4 lasers in the corners and two in the middle of the 16' walls. These were mounted belly button high as a personal preference. You want enough height to allow the actor in the black skin suit room to work below the lasers, but you don't want to expose shorter patrons to laser light in their eyes. There were two 36" wide doors  in the middle of the 10' wall sections with 8" black PVC vinyl strip material("fear flaps") to block light and minimize the haze loss. We had a small fan just off of the entrance pulling some fresh air into the room the accentuate the swirl of the haze in the lasers to make the effect appear more fluid like. We decorated the room to visually distract people and focus their attention to allow the actor to work undetectedwith use of an animatronic witch prop to draw peoples attention.

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Works great Review by Jayden  |  9/24/2022
Very cool.. Great effect
This laser green swamp light is really cool effect with fog. I have mine at knee level, so it looks like you are walking through a swamp! has to be a dark area for fuller effect. One laser is perfect for smaller areas but I would recommend of couple of swamp lasers for better effect. Also: you must be facing in the laser direction to see effect, that is why more than on is recommended! Review by scott  |  10/17/2020
Great addition to our event!
We set this up in an enclosed outdoor room as a swamp effect. Our guests loved it. We have some new ideas to try this year. when lasers are lined up It creates a solid layer of green giving you the effect your in a swamp. The monster then appears from bellow.. Review by FOSMT  |  8/14/2019

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