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  1. (Backordered) Froggy's Fog - Fobbles F8 Pro - Professional Bubble Fogger - DMX - 4 Machines in 1 (Fog. Haze. Bubbles. Fog Bubbles)

    MSRP $3123.75

    Out of stock

    The Fobbles F8 Pro is the only machine of its kind designed for touring life. This 4-in-1 Effects Machines creates fog-filled bubbles, as a hazer, fogger, or just a bubble machine!

    • Continuous Fog, Bubble, Haze, and Bubble Fog Output
    • Precise Bubble and Fog Output
    • Instantly switch between functions.
    • Integrated seamlessly with any DMX system, LCD Control Panel
    • Included Flight Case

    Normally Ships in 1 to 2 Days

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