Froggy's Fog - Fobbles F8 Pro - Professional Bubble Fogger - DMX - 4 Machines in 1 (Fog. Haze. Bubbles. Fog Bubbles)

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The Fobbles F8 Pro is the only machine of its kind designed for touring life. This 4-in-1 Effects Machines creates fog-filled bubbles, as a hazer, fogger, or just a bubble machine!

  • Continuous Fog, Bubble, Haze, and Bubble Fog Output
  • Precise Bubble and Fog Output
  • Instantly switch between functions.
  • Integrated seamlessly with any DMX system, LCD Control Panel
  • Included Flight Case


The Fobbles F8 is the most advanced fog bubble machine offered by Froggy’s Fog. This machine has been designed to do one thing and do it exceptionally well – make fog bubbles. The nozzle-pipe delivery system of this machine helps to eliminate any mess or waste caused by excess bubble fluid. When the event is over, the machine can simply be put away. No excessive dripping or fluid spills to worry about here! The bubble output nozzle and the fog output nozzle are side by side, meaning that this machine operates extremely efficiently and consistently. This system ensures that each individual bubble is filled with the perfect amount of fog before being pushed out into the atmosphere by the powerful blower motors. Versatile mounting solutions around the chassis of the machine allow for a wide variety of installation types and orientations, meaning this machine can integrate perfectly into your attraction or event space.

4-in-1 Machine

Like all of our Fobbles Machines, the F8 is capable of producing 4 different effects. Use the integrated control panel or DMX to create fog, haze, bubbles, and fog bubbles.

Precise, Nozzle-Pipe Delivery System

The 4 Nozzles of the F8 help the machine to create incredibly precise output by ensuring that each bubble doen't encounter interference with moving parts. Because of the proximity of the fog output nozzles to the bubble output nozzles, almost 100% of the bubbles will be filled with a thick, white cloud of fog. 

Variable Fog, Fan and Bubble Output

Fully fog, fan, and bubble output allows the user to take full control of their effects. 

Large Fluid Reservoirs

The oversized bubble and fog fluid tanks allow the machine to produce almost endless amounts of fog bubble effects. Locking brackets keep the tanks securely inside the machine regardless of the orientation.  

Adjustable Booster Fan Angle

By adjusting the angle of the powerful booster fans, you can change the direction of the fog bubble effect. Use the fans to blow the bubbles high into the air, or blow them directly away from the machine into your audience! 

Flight Case

The included Flight Case with Casters makes secure and protective transport a breeze.

U.S. Pat. No. 11,628,377


Length: 21.
Width: 18.5 in.
Height: 22 in.

Length (Cased): 25.2 in
Width (Cased): 23.2 in.
Height (Cased): 28.5 in.
Dry Weight: 88.2 Lbs. 
Weight Full: 133 Lbs. 


CFM: 6,000
Ready time: 4 Minutes
Continuous Output: Yes

Fog Fluid Consumption (100% Output): 350 min/gal

Bubble Fluid Consumption (100% Output): 48.1 min/gal

Control and Programming
Control Options: DMX, LCD Menu
Control parameters: Continuous or timer-controlled output
Variable output control, 0-100%
DMX channels: 4
DMX compliance: ANSI E1.11 - USITT DMX512-A

Housing: Metal
Color: Black

Fog Fluid reservoir: 1.3 Gal.

Bubble: 2.4 Gal. 

Mounting: Standing Only

AC Power: IP65 Rated Seetronic Powerkon 
DMX, link mode in/out: 3 and 5-pin locking XLR

US Model:AC power: 120 V, 60 Hz
Main fuse: 15A, 250 V
Typical power and current: 1600W @ 100%

*Measurements made at nominal voltage. Allow for a deviation of +/- 10%.:

Included Items
Flight Case
Power input cable, US, 6 ft, IP65 Rated Seetronic Powerkon Power User Manual

Approved fluids*:
High Color Bubble
Fobbles Fog Fluid
Fobbles Bubble Fluid

*Various sizes available - contact us or see 'Fluids' product pages for details

Frequently Asked Questions

Bubbles are not feeding to the wands

Place the bubble fluid tube in bubble fluid in the bubble fluid container. Go into Menu and start the cleaning mode, this will pull bubble fluid into the internal pumps. Let it run until the bubble fluid is pumping over all wands. If you find that it stalls on a wand. End cleaning mode and re-start the cleaning mode. This will prime the pumps and push fluid to the wands allowing the bubbles to work.

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