Fog Chillers, Low Lying Fog Machines, Vortex Chillers, Fog Curtains and Halloween Graveyard Fog with Vortex Chillers Low Fog Machines, The World's Most Economical Low Fog. Cold Fusion Cold Fog Ground Fog Halloween Graveyards In order for the fog to stay close to the ground, it must be colder than the surrounding air. You need a fog chiller to do this Economical, free standing chiller units for smoke machines of all sizes....Output can be compared to systems costing many times as much, such as some CO2 low fog systems with operating costs for the chilling system of more than $10 per minute, or $600.00+ per hour on their high settings. The Vortex chilling systems can operate for as little as .3c per minute resulting in up to 20,000% savings over refridgerated systems.

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  1. Froggys Fog - Poseidon® A6 - Ultrasonic Fog Generator

    MSRP $5499.99
    The Poseidon® Water-Fog Machine creates a spooky low-lying fog hugs the floor and dissipates without rising and without ice.
    • Advanced Auto Water Refill System
    • Multi-Stage Humidity Control
    • Complete Fog and Fan Volume Control
    • Optimized Heater Core for Continuous Operation
    • Touch Screen LCD and DMX Control

    Normally Ships in 4 Weeks

  2. Martin Glaciator Dynamic - Ground Fog Effect - Closed Loop Refrigeration System

    MSRP $13695.00
    JEM Glaciator Dynamic provides a dense low-fog effect for use in touring and fixed installation applications including music, opera, theatre, dance, magic, circus, ice shows, theme park attractions, film/television/ broadcast, photography, art installations, special effects, and forms of military/fire/EMS training and simulation exercises.
    • Onboard DMX
    • Optional hand-held remote control For vertical or horizontal effect projection
    • Output and density level control
    • Continuous output 2800 CFM
    • Low fluid sensing

    Normally Ships in 1 to 2 Days

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