Vortex Fog Curtain - 3 Foot Fog Wall

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A fog curtain powered by nothing more than harnessed energy of expanding smoke through the multi-patented VEST (tm) system.
  • 3 Foot Fog Curtain / Fog Wall
  • Must add a Fog Machine, Vortex Fog Chiller and 3" PVC Placement Pipes
  • Dimensions: 4"H X 46"W * *Weight: 3.5 LBS
  • Position up to 20' away from machine & chiller
  • 3" ABS or PVC used for positioning & placement


Fog Wall comes with the Horizontal Curtain Section Only, you must add a Fog Machine and Chiller for the curtain to work. Any 3" PVC Tubing that will connect the horizontal fog wall section to the chiller will need to be designed and implemented by the user to meet the specific application. Introducing for the first time ever, a fog curtain powered by nothing more than harnessed energy of expanding smoke through the multi-patented VEST (tm) system. The Door #1 treats 3' width (overall 46" long) and lays a uniform curtain of fog from the top of a standard door jamb, all the way down to the floor in a sheet flat enough for use as a background for projected optical effects with as tiny a power plant as a 650 watt fogger. Of course, with larger machines, the fog curtain becomes even more translucent and uniform as seen here. The Door #1 can be powered with every Vortex Natural Energy Fog Chiller we make as well as with every smoke machine we carry. Until now, any sort of decent fog curtains have only been achieved through extremely expensive high powered systems using water mist (not practical for 99% scenes) or smoke/CO2 systems costing many thousands of dollars and run as much as $600 and more per hour to operate. The alternative to this has always been using fans to pump the fog, which creates a mist or haze after the fan turbulence de constructs the fog back into liquid (fluid and water). The small 850 watt system we show in use in the above link represents a complete system powerful enough to run the Door #1 continuously all night long for as little as .05c a minute, or roughly $600 per hour LESS than CO2. That is a 20,000% savings in operating cost. And, the price for this entire system is about the same exact amount as the operating costs alone for a single hour of the alternative systems. The Door Series Natural Energy Fog Curtains are sold as the horizontal, ported section shown at the top of the assembly plus the 3" elbow and come with heavy duty eye bolts at each end of the top of the unit for hanging by aerial suspension . You can easily add sections of smooth wall duct to position the curtain exactly at the height you want with our porting sections. Place the Vortex (tm) natural energy fog chiller and smoke machine even 20 feet away (the larger power plant smoke machine used, the further distance away is possible) from your actual scene and your system still works to effortlessly create this unparalleled special effect for your set, scene or stage. We offer complete packages of curtains along with the correct size chillers and smoke machines. Shown here is our Commercial Upright attaching the chiller to the curtain. We also offer the Home Series Upright as shown in the video which couples to the smaller port on our Home Series fog chiller. Let your imagination run wild with all the possibilities of the Door Series Natural Energy Fog Curtain! Here is a video taken at the unveiling of the Door #2 fog curtain prototype at the Transworld Haunted Attraction Tradeshow in St. Louis in early 2010. Even though this prototype fog curtain was much less tightly spaced than what we sell now, the actor was actually completely hidden from view entirely just by the curtain itself. Send us your video and we might just place it on our website to spread the inspiration! After 15 years of testing and formulating low fog technologies and experimenting with different fluids from all over the world for hundreds of hours in trade shows across the country, we can guarantee that using our ultra pure, Fast Dissipating Indoor Low Lying Fog Fluid will result in a better low-lying scene than any other fluid on the market today. If you are looking for the perfect graveyard scene, make sure to use the specially formulated Outdoor Ground Formula for the Freezin Effect. Also, when using our specially formulated Vortex Volumizer Crystals which literally multiplies the endothermic sublimation process when the searing hot smoke transforms the ice into real fog, you will see an increase in visual density and output by an additional nearly 100% even yet and forces the fog to as much as 14 additional degrees cooler for the longest possible time on the ground. And, as an added bonus, the resulting fog when using the Volumizer Crystals is pure, snow white like natural London fog. 


Item No: DOOR#1

Dimensions: 4"H X 46"W

Weight: 3.5 LBS

Connection: 3" ABS PIPE

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