Froggy’s Fog offers a fluid and machine for every effect. When paired with one of our fog fluid varieties, each of our machines is capable of producing a wide range of atmospheric effects. Our Titan series of fog machines are capable of producing incredible volumes of fog continuously. Ranging from 20,000 to 50,000 cubic feet per minute of output, each of the four tiers of Titan machines brings a new level of robust features and performance. The Titan ICE brings combines continuous fog capabilities with an integrated 20lb. ice chamber to create amazing, low lying fog effects. DMX compatibility and additional features make this machine a joy to operate. For professional ground-fog applications, look no farther than the Poseidon Ultrasonic Low-Fog Generators. These machines use only water and fog fluid to create huge amounts of low-lying blankets of fog that sweep across the ground or stage. For rapid bursts of fog and light, the Hyperion series steals the show. These machines are capable of producing up to 30 foot tall columns of fog that are illuminated by the RGBAW+UV lights built into the machine.

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