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The most powerful and efficient Haze machine in it's price range, the H4 features higher quality parts, more ways to control, smarter operation and reliability.
  • Continuous Output: Cover up to 6,000 Cubic Feet Per Minute.
  • Advanced Fluid Sensing Technology: Built in fluid sensing technology that can detect if there is low or no fluid in your machine and automatically turn it off.
  • Super Quiet: The H4 offers super quiet haze production. With minimal noise even up close, no one will know when your hazer is running.
  • More Control: Advanced digital controls including timer functionality in a simple package.
  • Lightweight: Easy to move and mount.


The Titan H4 is one of the most advanced and affordable haze machines on the market.  Covering over 6000 cubic feet per minute the H4 is perfect for any club or stage production.  The continuous prodcution insures even coverage and the right amount of haze when you need it.  The unit features an efficient 1200 watt heater core as well as DMX capability and can be truss mounted. Its a durable and super quiet version developed particularly for high-end bars, professional installations and small performances. It features a range of upgrades to ensure it remains the top haze machine in its class. An improved and new fast heater ensures all fluid is vaporized quickly as well as shorter heat-up time, less than 50 seconds.  Direct haze in any direction with the adjustable scoop.

Continuous Output

Control how much or little haze you need.  The H4 Hazer lets you set the output to your desired effect and let it run through out your show or performance.  Create an even and light haze with ease!

Super Quiet

The H4 offers super quiet haze production.  With minimal noise even up close, no one will know when your hazer is running.

New Heater

The 1200 watt heater core is Stainless Steel instead of the industry standard aluminum.  The stainless steel prevents pitting and clogging.

New Heating System

WIth only 50 seconds heat-up time you won't have to worry about plugging in and turning your machine on 10 minutes before the show.  Get up an running in under a minute!

Advanced Fluid Sensing Technology

The H4 has built in fluid sensing technology that can detect if there is low or no fluid in your machine and automatically turn it off.  This prevents your heater core from burning up and removes one of the most common problems with lower quality machines.

External antenna

The high sensitive remote control and external antenna give you an even wider range than competor machines. Descreetly and quickly turn your machine on and off with a small keyfob sized remote control.

Anti-slip fluid tank

Our textured fluid tank gives you a better grip when refilling your machine.  This is especially handy when it is mounted up high and you need to have 3 points of contact on the ladder.

Aluminum alloy cap & Anti-leaking fluid system

Say no to plastic caps!  The H4 has a sturdy aluminum fluid tank cap with quick-connect fittings. The groved cap makes it easier to turn, especially with wet hands. No more busted caps that are hard to reseal.


At less just 26lbs the H4 is easy to carry and mount.  

More Control Options

The H4's built-in LCD control panel, wireless control and 3-pin / 5-pin DMX control give you more ways to turn your machine on and off.  You can even set a timer for automatic and periodic hazing.  The 3 and 5 pin DMX allows for easy 2 channel patching with any lighting board or program.

Two Year Warranty

The H4 has a 2-Year Warranty that means you can depend on your machine to perform when you need it.  Our in house technicians can also quickly diagnose and repair any problem that may arise, sometimes over the phone!


Length: 17 in.
Width: 16 in.
Height: 15 in.
Weight Empty: 24lbs Full: 27.3 lbs.

Fluid consumption (100%): 5.9 ml/min
Maximum operating time, maximum output: 833 min
Ready time: 1 Min.

Control and Programming
Control options: DMX, LED Menu, Manual Knobs
Fog Variable output control, 0-100%
DMX channels: 2
External fluid control: Fluid sensing

Housing: Metal
Color: Black
Fluid pump: Dual oscillating piston, high pressure
Fluid reservoir: 5L drop-in reservoir 

Mounting: Standing or hanging
Orientation: Up to 45 Deg. From Horizontal. 

AC Power: Seetronic Powerkon IP65
DMX, link mode in/out: 3 and 5-pin locking XLR

US Model:AC power: 120 V, 60 Hz
Main fuse: 15A, 250 V
Typical power and current: 1200 W

*Measurements made at nominal voltage. Allow for a deviation of +/- 10%.:

Included Items
Fluid reservoir, 5L Tank
Power input cable: Seetroic Powerkon IP65


Fog Scent Additives

Approved fluids*:

Faze Haze



*Various sizes available - contact us or see 'Fluids' product pages for details

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