The Boreas line of snow machines from Froggy's Fog is packed with all of the features and performance needed in the theatrical snow industry. Our C6 model offers completely variable fan and output controls, allowing the user to dial in a precise flake size. Designed with live performances in mind, the C6 has been engineered to produce incredible amounts of snow at near-silent audio levels. The Boreas S4 is an economical choice for producing incredible amounts of snow with ease. The convenient included remote allows the user to adjust output, as well as run the machine on a timer or continuously. The blower design on this machine results in incredibly uniform particles, creating a beautiful flurry effect with ease. Froggy's Fog is a premium manufacturer of special effects fluids and a distributor of high quality snow machines. As a full service special effects company, we can expertly service the smallest customer that buys one fake snow machine for Christmas snow all the way to the largest theme parks which need a full range of artificial snow machine equipment, fluids and other special effects products. Our military and Training Smoke Division backgrounds have given us a thorough understanding of special effects and how to most efficiently use snow machines and other special effects equipment to get the very best results for our clients. Laser tag facilities, bowling centers, skating centers, theme parks, haunted houses, corn mazes, family fun centers, churches, high school and college drama departments, film production companies, Broadway plays, live production facilities, city municipalities for special events, police, fire and military draining divisions all turn to Froggy's Fog for the very best in artificial snow machine technology. Our inventory includes snow machine equipment to handle everything from small family projects up to the largest special effects jobs. At Froggy's Fog our friendly and experienced staff is here to assist you with all of your needs and to answer any questions that you may have regarding anything from fake snow machine equipment to our complete line of the highest quality special effects fluids. If you are looking for the perfect snow machine for sale for your next holiday or party event call us today at (877) 376-4499 and let Froggy's Fog get you the best artificial snow machine equipment at the best prices. We will show you in detail how to get the best results from your artificial snow machine, helping to ensure that your next winter special effects event will be a rousing success.

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  1. Froggy's Fog - Boreas S4 Snow Machine With DMX

    MSRP $624.99

    Rentals Available @ $250 per event. Rental Includes Free Standard Ground Shipping Both Ways and a Bottle of Fluid!  SEE OUR RENTALS . NOW SHIPPING -The S4 Snow Machine can create both blizzard-like conditions and beautiful, gently falling flurries. A relatively compact package, the S4 is well-suited for use in plays, movie sets, winter attractions, and many other types of applications.

    • Two Stage Blower Fans - The S4 features a 1350W High Fan Setting and an 800W Low Setting, allowing the user to choose the output and audio level that is best suited for their needs. 
    • True 0-100% Variable Control - The included remote allows the user to choose any flake size with the turn of a dial. The S4 features almost dust-sized particles at the low end and heaps of heavy snow at the high end. 
    • Integrated Noise Reduction - The S4 has noise reduction material built into the internals of the machine to ensure that it can operate as quietly as possible in live performance situations. 
    • Large Fluid Tank and Hanging Bracket - The S4 can hold up to 5 liters of snow fluid, meaning it can be run for a very long time on lower output settings. The included hanging bracket allows for maximum flexibility in installation and usage.

    Normally Ships in 1 to 2 Days

  2. Boreas Cube C6 ‐ High Output ‐ Super Silent Snow Machine - STARTS SHIPPING JUNE 6TH, 2022

    MSRP $1374.99

    Rentals Available @ $250 per event. Rental Includes Free Standard Ground Shipping Both Ways and a Bottle of Fluid!  SEE OUR RENTALS . - The C6 Super Silent Snow Cube offers super quiet operation and superior snow output. Honorable Mention for Best Debuting Product: Special Effects at LDI 2019!

    • Snowflakes output distance up to 30 ft 
    • Adjustable snowflake output, distance and with uniform size of snowflake.
    • Hanging Bracket with adjustable output angle.
    • Super quiet, only 62dB during operation
    • DMX and digital controls, timer and backlit display, wireless fob included.

    Normally Ships in 1 to 2 Days

  3. Magmatic - Crisp - Professional DMX Snow Machine

    MSRP $699.00

    CRISP™ is a high volume compact light weight snow machine with advanced technology providing adjustable snowflake size and silent operation for noise sensitive environments.

    • 1,250W High Volume Snow Machine
    • Silent Operation for Noise Sensitive Environments
    • Advanced APF (air pump fan) Technology
    • Auto-Clean Process
    • Onboard LCD Touch Control Panel

    Normally Ships in 1 to 2 Days

  4. Magmatic Polar Crisp Max Snow Machine - 1,250 Watts, Extendable Nozzle, Travel Case with 20L Tank

    MSRP $1900.00
    Introducing Polar Crisp Max™ from Magmatic atmospheric effects, a dependable, high-output snow machine that makes it easy to create scene-setting wintry settings.
    • Nozzle is truss mountable while control and fluid remain conveniently on the floor.
    • Power Consumption: 1,250W
    • Snow Distance Output: 39.3ft / 12m
    • Tank Capacity: 20 Liter
    • DMX: On board

    Normally Ships in 1 to 2 Days

  5. Froggy's Fog - Pro Snow Machine - Completely Variable Output - 650 Watt

    MSRP $174.99
    Froggy's Fog Pro Snow 650 lets you decide how much snow you want and you control the flake size. You can have a small snow flurry or a massive snow blizzard.
    • 0%-100% Completely Variable Output Snow Machine
    • 650 Watts with a 30-40 Foot Still Air Projection Range
    • Great for Parties, Parade Floats & Stage Performances
    • Create the right effect where any artificial snow is desired

    Normally Ships in 1 to 2 Days

  6. Froggy's Fog- 650 Watt Snow Machine

    MSRP $124.99
    Wonderful Artificial Snow Flake Machine for indoor or outdoor use.
    • Output Regulated for Perfect Size Flake with Froggys Flakes Snow Fluids
    • Perfect Budget Snow Machine for Indoor or Outdoor Use - Manufactured to the Highest Quality Available.
    • Fun For Kids, Great for Parties, Design is stylish and innovative. Satisfaction Ensured.
    • Optional Timer and Wireless Remotes Available
    • Calibrated to work Best With Froggys Flakes Snow Fluid, Buy From Froggys Fog to Ensure Quality Assurance and Testing

    Normally Ships in 1 to 2 Days

  7. Maximum Snow Cannon - 230V - Blizzard Condition

    MSRP $4249.99

    Rentals Available @ $1000 per event. Rental Includes Free Standard Ground Shipping Both Ways and a Bottle of Fluid!  SEE OUR RENTALS . The Giant Snow Cannon supply's an instant blizzard coverage exactly where you want it with an large and amazing realistic snow effect.

    • Adjustable Flake Size
    • flight case for ease of transport, minimal setup
    • Fluid Compression System
    • Steel Chassis
    • 230V, DMX Power Control

    Normally Ships in 1 to 2 Days

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