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Rental Froggy's Fog - Poseidon® Aqua 2 is an event-ready, low-lying fog machine that creates thick clouds that hug the floor without the need for dry ice.
  • Advanced Auto Water Refill System
  • Multi-Stage Humidity Control
  • Complete Fog and Fan Volume Control
  • Optimized Heater Core for Continuous Operation
  • Touch Screen LCD & DMX Control
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    Please Note: Rental Price includes Round trip shipping a a free gallon of Indoor Poseidon Low Fog Fluid.

    The Froggys Fog - Poseidon® Aqua 2 is an event-ready, Ultrasonic Low Fog Generator. It continuously creates high-output low-lying fog without the use of cryogenics, refrigeration plants, or dry ice. The advanced ultrasonic technology internally combined with traditional thermally-produced fog means that the ONLY expendables required are fog fluid, water, and electrical power. The rugged chassis is designed for heavy-duty applications such as touring and can endure the rigors of use in the most demanding of applications. With a simple, user-friendly LCD display, intuitive controls, and DMX onboard, the Poseidon Ultrasonic Low Fog Generator is ideal for any professional production, touring, themed entertainment, or theatrical application requiring voluminous low fog production that is quiet, efficient, and cost-effective.

    Advanced Auto Water Refill System

    Never worry about refilling your water tank! Simply connect the machine to a water supply with the included adapter, and the A2 will do the work for you. 

    Multi-Stage Humidity Control

    Take complete control of your fog to mist ratio with adjustable humidity. This allows you to dial in your perfect settings for your fog effects

    Complete Fog and Fan Volume Control

    Adjustable fog output and fan speed allows for the perfect speed of output and thickness of fog effects for any application. 

    Gravity Fed Water Reservoir (No water pump) with drains

    This gravity fed system allows for greater reliability and simplicity for this machine. When transporting, a drain system aids in more convenient, mess-free travel. 

    Auto Senses Low Water & Low Fog Fluid

    No need to worry about the Poseidon machines running dry, the A2 has sensors built-in to detect low fluid levels. 

    Locking Seetronics power connector

    This locking power connection ensures that your machine will stay running thorughout operation. Loose connections and pulled power cables are no problem for the Poseidon lineup. 

    Unique Water Recapture Design minimizes condensation

    The A2 not only operates extremely efficiently; it does so with very little mess! 

    Ruggedized Single Piece Polymer Chassis

    This machine is tough enough for any application. There's no need to worry about scratches and dings here! 

    Austenite Welding and Anti-corrosive Primer

    Humid and wet environments are no problem for the A2. While other machines may rust, the Poseidon machines are quite comfortable with water. 

    Optimized Heater Core for Continuous Operation

    No need to stop the fun to reheat! These machines are designed to run indefinitely. 

    Advanced Fog Expansion Chamber Design

    Complete atomization of the fog means this machine runs extremely efficiently. No need for frequent refills! 

    Built-in LCD control panel

    Easy to see, easy to use. Why would you settle for less? 

    5-Pin and 3-Pin DMX onboard.

    No matter what your DMX preference is, the A2 will integrate seamlessly with your system. 


    Length: 29 in. Box: 34 in.
    Width: 15.4 in. Box: 18.1 in.
    Height: 17.7 in. Box: 20 in. 
    Net Weight: 71 lbs Gross Weight: 80 lbs

    Fluid consumption (100%): 25 ml/min
    Maximum operating time, maximum output: 32 min
    Ready time: 4 Min 

    Control and Programming
    Control options: DMX, LCD Control Panel
    Fog and Fan output control, 0-100%
    DMX channels: 3
    External fluid control: Fluid sensing

    Housing: Polymer Cased Metal
    Color: Black
    Fluid pump: Dual oscillating piston, high pressure
    Fluid reservoir: .8 Gal. drop-in fog, 6 Gal. Water Tank 

    Mounting: Level Surface
    Orientation: Horizontal

    AC Power: Seetronic Powerkon IP65
    DMX, link mode in/out: 3 and 5-pin locking XLR

    US Model:AC power: 120 V, 60 Hz
    Main fuse: 15A, 250 V
    Typical power and current: 1700 W

    *Measurements made at nominal voltage. Allow for a deviation of +/- 10%.:

    Included Items
    Fluid reservoir, .8 Gal Tank
    Power input cable: Seetronic® Powerkon IP65


    Fog Scent Additives

    Approved fluids*:

    Poseidon Aqua Fog Fluid Short Distance

    Poseidon Aqua Fog Fluid Long Distance

    *Various sizes available - contact us or see 'Fluids' product pages for details

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