Tekno Bubbles - GOLD UV Blacklight Reactive

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TEKNO BUBBLES are patented, safe non-toxic blowing bubbles that look and act like normal bubbles under regular lighting, yet brilliantly glow under UV (blacklight) lighted conditions.
  • Gold UV
  • Glowing Blacklight Bubbles
  • These bubbles have Attitude!
  • Turn on a Blacklight, and Tekno Bubbles Glow Crazy!
  • Tekno Bubbles are available in UV BLUE and GOLD.

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Our Price: $29.99


TEKNO BUBBLES are patented, safe non-toxic blowing bubbles that look and act like normal bubbles under regular lighting, yet are unlike any other bubbles in the world. Gold Tekno Bubbles have a beautiful, brilliant glow under UV (blacklight) lighted conditions. Wand not included. Great for Bubble Machines. The key to fluorescence is harnessing the energy of black light - turning invisible light into light we can see. All light is a form of electromagnetic radiation and it has a dual character - behaving simultaneously like a wave and like a stream of particles called photons. The photons we humans can see (the visible light spectrum) is red at one end, green in the middle, and violet at the other end. The colors can be characterized by their wavelength as well as the energy of their photons. Red has the longest wavelength and the least energetic photon, while violet light has a shorter wavelength and more energy. ==Teknology== Just beyond the violet light in the visible spectrum is an invisible ultraviolet light, what is commonly known as black light. TEKNO BUBBLES contain special patented compounds with molecules that emit visible light after absorbing light from an invisible ultraviolet source. When the ultraviolet photons enter fluorescent molecules, some of the light's energy causes the molecules to vibrate. When the light re-emerges, it has less energy and is now within the spectrum of visible light, which in turn causes our patented Tekno Bubbles to appear to GLOW CRAZY WILD!

Gold UV Bubbles

These bubbles glow a bright gold whenever exposed to UV light! 


No need to worry about a little wind; these bubbles stay together excellently! Stronger bubbles means greater float times and more fun!


This formula will work in any bubble application. Whether for use in your Fobbles machine or a simple bubble wand, this fluid will work flawlessly!

==The Staining Question== We have found that if people are passing through Tekno Bubbles or are simply allowing the bubbles to settle and pop on them, the bubbles should not stain their clothes. The splatter will be visible in the blacklights until the clothes are washed. Tekno Bubbles could stain clothes when the bubble fluid totally saturates the fabric. This seldom occurs due to the small amount of bubble solution actually present in a bubble. There are many large venues around the country (including Busch Gardens Tampa, Kennywood, and the maze at Navy Pier) successfully using Tekno Bubbles where the public has direct contact with the bubbles and no complaints have been filed. If saturation should occur, the clothes should be treated with a color safe stain remover before being washed, the spots should wash out. Without stain remover, the glow should fade away after several washings. It is important to remember that the spots are only visible under blacklight (UV) conditions. Also noteworthy is the fact that many substances that people frequently come into contact with will glow under UV lights. Some examples would be pet urine, some laundry detergents, as well as lint. The best rule of thumb we have found is that anything that would be safe to come in contact with water will do fine with Tekno Bubbles. We recommend avoiding fabrics like silks and the like that shouldn't come into contact with any moisture. Tekno Bubbles wash off solid surfaces and can be vacuumed out of most carpets.

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