All testimonies are unsolicited and sent in by our customers.

Just wanted to write and let you know I used your fog for the first time on a touring show and the fog was the best I have ever used. I wanted to let you know I am now a customer only to Froggys. I used it in a martin magnum 2000. WOW. THICK WHITE FULL FOG. Lost the band for a minute or two as it is a bit different with the thicker fog. THANKS A TON


James Starosta, ScreaminDeamonsHaunts

Allusions lighting and Sound,...and currently on tour with your FOG !!!


Thank you for your incredible customer service! We placed an order at 4pm EST on Monday and our order arrived Wednesday morning! Froggy's Fog ROCKS!!
We've had major vendors take as long as 7 months to deliver orders that should have arrived within 7 days. It is encouraging to see that vendors in our industry can (and in your case, do) deliver a great product at a reasonable price with amazing customer service. Thank you.


Trey Cottle; Owner, Haunted Montrose; Director, IAHA


Adam, You have been a great help, I really appreciate it, definitely recommending Froggy's Fog to many people. By far the best costumer service to date that I have worked with. As for the scene that you listed below that's awesome and again thanks for the hook up.


Tom Fallon

Tom, We achieved the youtube scene by doing the following:
1. Fog chiller
2. PVC “Y”
3. 2 x 20' sections of dryer vent hose
4. Fake moss to cover the hose
5. Skull panel
We took the fog chiller and hid it behind the scene, came off the chiller with a PVC “Y” to send the fog down the two dryer vent hoses. Poked holes in even 1' intervals throughout the hose. Covered the hose with the fake moss (you can use mulch if you have it readily available). Put the skull panel in the middle of it all. You will want to plug the end of the dryer vent hose so you create back pressure through the hose so it will come out all the holes you poked at 1' intervals.

Adam (Froggy)


Just wanted to say, hands down, this is the best fog I have ever used and would highly recommend it to anyone using fog.


Randy Ray, Centralia Rollerdrome, Centralia WA

I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your quality product! We used your fast dissipating fluid for our Christmas production. As you can see in the attached video. It worked like a charm for a low fog situation, when you want an awesome effect. But not a lingering one!
Fast dissipating fog as indoor low lying ground fog


Andy Rogers, Calvary Road Baptist Church, Waynesville, NC

I got my order of swamp juice this morning, I had my house full of great looking fog in a few puffs from my machine. I am a Mobile DJ and I do custom laser light shows. 2 1/2 Hours later there is still enough fog hanging to accent my lasers perfectly. I can't get the hang time inside with anyone else's product. Thank you! keep up the great work. I am very pleased with your product and will continue to purchase it direct.


G. Kovacs Jr., DJ GUY

I ordered a gallon of the froggy's a few days ago and it just arrived today. I've heard everyone say such good things about it, I figure I'd give it a try. I drained my fog machine and filled it with the froggy's. There was still old fog fluid in the lines, powered up the fog machine and started using what was in the lines. As usual, it dissapated in the air very quickly. Once all the old fluid was burned and the new stuff started burning, the difference was huge! The froggy's must have hung in the air for 20-30 minutes before it was all gone. I'm very impressed...



I think I'm going to consider it a *FACT* that Froggy's Fog Juice is the BEST. I keep hearing it from all directions.




I can also vouch for this stuff being the best. (they brag on it being Made in the U.S.A. from lab-grade UV-Filtered de-ionized water and pharmaceutical grade chemicals, each approved by the FDA)


When I called the company to ask questions, I actually got one of the co-owners. He was a nice guy, gave me a brief history of their product, gave me a recommended type to order for my application, (live band and DJing with lights) in which he recommended me the Froggy's Fog Swamp Juice.

IT DOESN'T SMELL AWFUL AT ALL LIKE CHEAP STUFF even when smelling it directly from the container, it has a great hang time actually carrying up in the air as opposed to just falling, tanks seem to last forever due to not needing much at all to get a lot of fog from just a little juice and is easy on the fog machine. (I use the Antari Z-1000II) I've read where people have swapped their fog juice out for Froggy's Fog, in which they WERE having to replace their foggers every couple of months, (in a theme park) but after switching to Froggy's their machines haven't needed replacing yet.

This is a shot from just a LITTLE bit of Froggy's Fog in the air

DJ Doublebass

Just wanted to let you know that you were right, your Froggys Formula O Fog Fuice does work great in those small hand held propane powered thermal foggers! We bought a gallon of Formula O to test it out as you suggested and it worked great! It produces a nice, dense, thick, long hang time fog / smoke! We will be back to buy more! Those small hand held fogger units with your Formula O work great to produce the precise amount of smoke / fog we need for SPFX filming -- we can be just out of camera range and supply the right amount of smoke or fog needed in the scene or just in front of the camera! Thanks for all your help!


S. Cartwright MD, Cartwright Fireworks Inc.

"Thanks for all your help! after I had sent that message I noticed the link for the freezin fog and watched the 2 videos and learned a great deal also. I also looked around online and built my own "tub" low lying fog generator and works well already with the hot fog! I cant wait to try cooling and adding freezin fluid. Also, my business partners and I are firm believers in froggy and will continue to use it and buy lots of it for our numerous machines and promote froggy by word of mouth as much as possible because of its outstanding products for the dj world. If froggy comes out with new products that need testing or of that sort shoot me an email I would be glad to participate. Thanks again!"


Patrick Callahan

Hey guys, your fluid was outstanding! Check out the post I made on Hauntworld about it." "I saw them "Froggy's Fog" at Transworld and was impressed but I didn't buy right away. I put it off because I had fog fluid left from last year. We use tons of fog so I got nervous we would run out and called them at the last minute. They shipped 5 cases of swamp juice within a few days. I figured I would use the stuff I had from last year first and then break into the Froggy's when it was gone. I decided to do a test to see if there was any difference. The difference was amazing, thick dense fog that hung around forever. It fogged up the entire 2 acre haunt and gave it incredible atmosphere. I stopped using the other stuff and kept it for back up only. I found I needed to use less fog to get the same effect with Froggy's. I will use them exclusively from now on."
"See you at Transworld."


Eric, Haunted Overload

I wanted to drop you a note and tell you how pleased I am with your fog juice. I operate a haunted cornfield maze and haunted trails so all of our attractions are outdoors. Needless to say our machines take a terrible beating. I have been replacing many of our machines every year because they just can’t handle the harsh conditions – or so I thought. This year is the first year that we didn’t have to replace a single machine and I am convinced it is because of your for juice. The cheap stuff we had been using was a direct reason for our machines failing. Not only that, but your juice is much thicker and hangs around longer. We have had to turn our machines down. Between using less juice to make three times the fog and not having to replace machines – your fog juice is a bargain! This is one of those times when spending less money on cheap fog cost us much more than buying quality juice from you. Thank you for a great product.


Mike Billings, Country Fun Farms



I have a Chauvet F-1700 fog machine running through a home-made garbage can chiller. I want to create a low lying fog for outdoor use on Halloween. Which of your concoctions would be best suited for my needs?


The best fog for outdoor low lying fog would be the Freezin Fog. If you were going for indoor theatrical type low fog then you would use the Fast Fog. Freezin Fog was designed for outdoor graveyard type scenes.


All I can say is WOW. This is absolutely, positively the best fog juice I have EVER used. The outdoor hang-time and density is amazing. Thanks for the recommendation. You've got a great product.

Dave P, Home Haunter

"Just wanted to say Swamp Juice is AWESOME!!!! With our last fog juice the AC units just sucked it up. Swamp Juice totally amazed me. In two minutes the fog was so thick I couldn't believe it. After 5 minutes it filled a 30' x 70' building from floor to 35' ceiling height with the AC running and doors open. AMAZING!!! Thank you for a great product."


Matt V, Ocean Christian Community

"I just wanted to say that your new Fire and Rescue fog is incredible. We can now fog out a 6 room building a lot faster. As a matter of fact, we had to limit the number of fog machines working in order to have some type of visibility for the instructors. Great Stuff! Once again, Thanks for a great product!"


Roger Haberman, Fire Training, Broward County Sheriff

"I have attached a picture of our drill on 4/26/04. We used two smoke machines, one upstairs and one down stairs. This drill was a simulated fire attack and search and rescue. We actually had an area resident call 911 reporting smoke from the building prior to us arriving for drill. I just wanted to say that your fog juice is great and I appreciate you keeping your price down."


Mark Boren, Fire Training, Lane County Fire District #1 Veneta, Oregon

"Thanks so much for all you guys did when I had problems with Fed Ex. I got the second package today, poured some swamp juice in the machine and was blown away by this stuff! You guys are right ... it hangs in the air longer than other fog juices. I tried it out in my garage, it quickly filled the whole place and when I opened the door, most of it blew out but it was still foggy inside. You guys rock and once again ... thanks so much for helping me out. You've got a new customer in me ... if I can ever manage to use up all four gallons of this juice."


Jim Dunham

"Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how TERRIFIC your Froggy's Swamp Juice is! I've used many different fog fluids over the past 14 years, and I've never really been happy with the results until now. Your juice is the best I've ever seen! It actually seems to expand after coming out of the machine. The first time I tried it, I shot out two batches of fog and totally fogged out our 12,000 square foot skating floor. Thank goodness it was only a test and there wasn't actually a session going on at the time. And best of all, it's actually much cheaper than any other fog juice I've ever purchased. I don't know how you did it, but PLEASE keep up the great work!"


Kurt Honabach, Manager, The Castle Roller Skating, Inc. Lancaster, PA 17603

"Froggy's Foggy Juice is the best fog juice I've used so far. It takes less juice to fill my facility plus lingers longer, resulting in less money spent. Not to mention it cost a lot less than any other juice available."


J. Grayson White, Looneys Super Skate, Montgomery, AL

"Your Fog is great! It hangs around forever, so we barely have to use any.


Sandra D. Bennett (Tony Markgraf, Owner), Kingsway Skateland, Paducah, KY