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Volumizer Crystals (TM) rock salt blend forces the smoke and fog mixture as much as 14 degrees colder, increasing the visual density and mass of the resulting fog.
  • Enough crystals to last through 1 Gallon of low fog juice
  • Just Sprinkle Over The Ice In The Chiller
  • Lowers the Ice temperature up to 14 Degrees Colder


Enough to treat the ice used to chill the smoke from 1 gallon of fog fluid. (Crystals are added to the ice.) The rock salt blend multiplies the natural endothermic sublimation process when the searing hot 200 degree smoke hits the frozen ice cubes and begins the transformation from solid into a gas. By accelerating this transformation through completely natural and environmentally safe chemical reaction during this process, Volumizer Crystals (TM) not only nearly doubles the visual density and mass of the resulting fog, but also forces the smoke and fog mixture as much as 14 degrees colder. This effectively increases the output of any smoke machine as well as the output of the fog fluid used. The concentration of real fog to smoke ratio becomes so high when using the crystals that the result becomes pure, snow white, like authentic London fog. The blueish coloration from the transforming fluid becomes literally lost in a pool of white so thick you cannot see through even a few inches of its mass.

Using the combination of both the Vortex Endothermic Sublimation Technology (VEST) system to create low fog up to 500% the mass of a free standing smoke/fog machine, along with the added volume and mass from Volumizer Crystals can transform a small wattage fogger that typically would be unable to provide enough product to create a nice atmospheric scene into a serious fog making unit.

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