Vosentech - Microfogger 5 Pro - Powerful Micro Sized Smoke Machine

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Introducing the MicroFogger 5 Pro; Featuring a completely redesigned layout and new smoke generation technology.
  • Easy to Navigate User Interface Screen
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Included Wireless Activation Remote
  • 64 Individually Adjustable Smoke Speed and Smoke Density Combinations


After years of research and development, we think we’ve finally made the perfect smoke machine: the MicroFogger 5 Pro! Featuring a completely redesigned layout and new smoke generation technology, this is by far the most reliable (and leak-proof) smoke machine on the market, providing you with limitless use for years to come. The new hot-swappable fluid tank assembly and replaceable battery mean that you can use it all day, with virtually no downtime. As with our previous models, the 5 Pro generates enough smoke to fill an average living room with a safe, odorless smoke in about 1-2 minutes, and doesn’t need any heat up time unlike traditional devices. The 2x larger screen lets you change countless settings such as smoke density, and even configure autonomous operation for hands-free use. As with all of our previous Pro models, the MicroFogger 5 Pro can be remote controlled using the included keyfob from up to 30m away, for easier solo photography. When the battery runs out, simply re-charge it within the MicroFogger using the USB-C cable or replace it with a spare one. As expected, we’ve kept the beloved pocket-sized form factor of the device so there’s never a situation where it’s too big to take with you!


-Improved heating coil design for massive smoke production
-Redesigned liquid tank for greater reliability and leak prevention
-Replaceable battery for unlimited use with spare batteries
-Easy to navigate user interface thanks to 2x larger screen
-30 min continuous use equivalent battery life at medium power
-8 individually adjustable smoke speed and smoke density levels
-Integrated remote control receiver with support for 4 individual channels
-Programmable time delay mode (for delayed operation)
-Programmable continuous operation (for hands-free use)
-Programmable loop mode setting (for repeatable smoke bursts)
-Robust aluminum and steel parts for intense use


-MicroFogger 5 Pro
-USB charging cable
-Remote control
-Bottle of fog liquid


Weight 475 g
Dimensions 11.5 × 5.5 × 3.5 cm
Smoke production

500 CFM

Battery life

14 min at full power, 30 min at medium power, 60 min+ at low power

Fog liquid tank capacity

7ml, equivalent to 7 mins of fog production at full power


64 individually adjustable power levels for smoke speed and density

Charging port


Fog liquid type

Vegetable glycerin / Propylene glycol mixture

Max noise

40 to 60 dB depending on power level

Charging time

6 hours

Remote control range


Remote control frequency


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